Partner Churches

Our original model began with the local church. This remains an important part of who we are.


Do you belong to an existing Partner Church?

Find out how to become a Family Partner.

Interested in becoming a Partner Church?

Find out how to become a Partner Church.


Become a Family Partner
through your Partner Church

If you belong to one of our existing Partner Churches and you’d like to become a Family Partner, please contact your Karis Kids church co-ordinator below. 


Winchester Vineyard

Is partnered with the St. John’s Church in Kamwokya (pronounced kam-what-cha), Kampala.


Edward Law

Christ Church Winchester

Is partnered with the St. Nicholas’ Church in Kalerwe (pronounced ka-lair-way), Kampala.


Julie Winning

Downs Benefice

Is partnered with the St. Paul’s Church in Okuvu (pronounced uh-koo-voo), Kampala.

Carol Ward


Carol Ward

Holy Trinity Richmond

Is partnered with the St. Peter’s Church in Wandegeya (pronounced wan-der-gaya), Kampala.


Becky Edwards

Christ Church Beckenham

Is partnered with the St. Luke’s Church in Ntinda (pronounced n-tin-da), Kampala.

Gail Wells


Gail Wells

Woking Group

Is partnered with St. Peter’s Church in Naguru (pronounced na-guh-roo), Kampala.

Paul Huggett


Paul Huggett


Any questions?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section on the Family Partners page. However, there are some differences worth noting depending on the church you belong to, listed below.

What is the cost of support?

Depending on which Partner Church you are part of, the overall cost ranges from £62 to £100 per month for the whole family, plus Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.

The Gift Aid is used to support the team in Kampala who deliver all the services and coordinate events.

How is my donation spent?

You can see, depending on the arrangement your church has agreed, how your donation is spent using the following breakdown…

£62 • Family support (healthcare, primary education, supplementary food, training)
£14 • Finishing Well fund
£15 • Further Education (for the Focused Child)
£6 • Summer Camp (held every 2 years)
£1 • Christmas Celebration (yearly)
£2 • Community Workers

For explanations of our terms, please see the FAQ section of the Family Partners page.


Become a Partner Church

How does it work?

1. Send us a message

If you’re a senior leader of a local church, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about yourself, your church and what interests you about Karis Kids.

2. Have a meal together

We believe in long term relationships with our Partner Churches. We’ll arrange a meal to sit down and share who we are, what we do, our values, how the finances work and a few stories too. If everyone is in prayerful agreement that we want to build a long term relationship together, we’ll start preparing for your launch as a new Partner Church.

3. Invite a speaker to your church

Invite us to speak at your main weekly services. We’ll share the vision and story of Karis Kids alongside you. We’ll then invite your church to prayerfully respond and become Family Partners as part of your church.


What’s my church’s commitment?

Becoming a Partner Church is a serious commitment.

When you become a Partner Church, we are building something together that must go beyond even your time leading at your church. Even if you have no plans to move on, the families in Uganda rely on our faithful support to survive and we must consider how to protect them through different circumstances.

Each Partner Church is linked with a local church in the slums of Kampala. When members of your church become Family Partners, they will be linked with families specific to your area.

All Partner Churches contribute financially towards community workers in their area, secondary school fees, as well as special celebrations like our Christmas Celebration (held anually) and the Summer Camp (held every two years).

We also have different opportunities available for our Partner Churches depending on their circumstances. For example, some churches subsidise the cost of becoming a Family Partner for every one of their members. One Partner Church pays the salary of a staff member in Uganda. These types of commitments make Karis Kids possible.

Lastly, becoming a Partner Church is not just a financial commitment. It is about building relationship and committing to love, support and pray for your new community in Uganda as an extension of your own. All our existing Partner Churches model this and it makes being part of Karis Kids something of true eternal significance.