Finishing Well

‘Finishing Well’ is our programme to help families become self-sustaining and, in due course, no longer need your financial support.


For our Family Partners, part of your giving from day one is put towards a dedicated fund for further education and/or a business venture, such as buying goats or pigs, setting up a market stall, or building a new home away from the slums.

Our hope is we can help the family finish well by getting at least one child (known as the ‘Focused Child’) through further education and into employment.

How does it work?

The road to self-sustainability can look different for every family.

For the Focused Child there are many routes to employment, including certified vocational training, apprenticeships, secondary school, and university. Where funding allows, we make these options available to the other children in the family.

For the carer of the family, the road to self-sustainability can sometimes mean getting them the necessary training and resources to get their business off the ground.

How does a family graduate?

Although there are many ways to get there, in each case for a family to ‘finish well’ there is an expectation the family is in a positive place economically, physically, and spiritually.

Some of the children may still be in school but, in order to graduate, the family are in a stable, self-supporting place.

We hold a graduation ceremony to celebrate this achievement, which takes place as part of our annual Christmas Celebration.

What are the results so far?

To date* there are 40 children who have completed vocational training. They have been trained for roles such as mechanics, tailors, plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, and caterers. We have an additional 20 more currently enrolled in training with another ten who will begin this year.

We have another six who have graduated university with three who are currently enrolled in a bachelor-level degree. The courses of study include law, mechanical engineering, teaching, economics, as well as textile and apparel design.

So far we have graduated four families under the Finishing Well programme, with another four families ready to graduate this December.

*figures correct as time of writing in January 2019.