Thank you for applying (or considering applying) to support a Karis Kids family in Kampala!

Your support will transform the lives of each member of the Ugandan family, who are amongst the neediest of the needy in the slums of Kampala.

We know from experience and the stories we collect how highly the Karis Kids families value letters and photographs from their UK sponsors. Letters and photographs play an important role in helping to develop the relationship between the Karis Kids family and their UK family.

It would be lovely if you could send a photograph of your family, or sponsorship group, and a letter introducing yourselves. If a carer is unable to read the letter themselves an interpreter will read it to them.

The Guidelines

We require you to abide by these guidelines in your communication with your Ugandan family and any others who belong to the Karis Kids programme in Uganda in order to support the vision of Karis Kids.

If your communication doesn’t comply with our communication guidelines, we will not be able to deliver your letters and videos. For more willful violations of these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the Karis Kids programme.

  1. Communication must not deny or negatively refer to Jesus, the Christian faith, or orthodox Christian beliefs, as outlined in the Nicene Creed.

  2. Letters must be sent unsealed. Letters and videos will be reviewed by our team in Uganda.

  3. Don’t share your address or personal contact information, such as a telephone number or email address.

  4. Photographs need to be sensitive and culturally aware. For example, both of these photos would be inappropriate…

    • A family gathering under the Christmas tree surrounded by a mass of Christmas presents.

    • An image taken on a beach with the family in swimming costumes.

General advice

Avoid jargon

Take care not to use jargon or phrases that are culturally specific to the UK
e.g. ‘it was raining cats and dogs.’

Includes names with photographs

Add your names to the back of your family or group photograph. This will help the family know who you are and to pray for you by name.

Small gifts

Often when someone visits their link church or the Karis Kids team in Kampala, they can sometimes transport small gifts to the families. Your Karis co-ordinator will let you know if somebody has offered to do this and give you suggestions of suitable items. We also periodically make gift suggestions if you’re part of our newsletter.

Letters from your family

During the year you will receive at least 3 letters from your family in Kampala. These are usually written during the school holidays.

Caregivers who are not able to write will dictate to a friend, or one of the Karis staff, who will write the letter for them. The children learn English in school and are encouraged to write their own letters.